Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 September 2015: The CTA Never Sleeps

The CTA was hard at work tonight replacing old rail ties 
between Farwell and Morse. This work should help the Purple 
Line Express to run more expressly in the future.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9 September 2015: Got Apples?

Every year at this time i am amazed once again at this tough and prolific apple tree growing out of the embankment by the L tracks at Morse and Glenwood. I wonder how the tree ended up there: Years ago, did someone waiting for the Red Line finish eating an apple and carelessly toss the core from the platform, only to have it eventually take root? 

Regardless of its origins and lack of any attention beyond what nature provides, this scraggly-looking tree produces an impressive crop each autumn. This afternoon, Glenwood Ave. was littered with apples. I walked by on my way to Far East Kitchen, pondering where i might get hold of a ladder, or, better yet, how i might manage to hijack a cherrypicker. Two women with a young child in a stroller were walking by. There was no traffic, so one of them stepped into the street, jumping as high as she could, half believing she could make that ten-foot leap and score a few apples. No such luck. And so the apples remain there, just out of reach.