Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 October 2013: And Now the Bad News....

Back in June, i reported on the effort to save the Shambala Meditation Center building at 7331 N. Sheridan Rd., which was going to be torn down and replaced by a multi-level parking garage. Sadly, that effort was unsuccessful and the building is now being demolished. As much as i enjoy watching construction and demolition, i find this heartbreaking. I am appreciative of the effort and investment that Col. Jennifer Pritzker has made in Rogers Park--including the Mayne Stage, Cat's Cradle B&B, and Farcroft by the Lake apartments--but this is a real shame! Surely this building could have been given a little TLC and the parking garage could have been located elsewhere. 

Here's how the building looked in June:

And here's how it looks today:


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for taking these pictures!

Locotillo Happenstance said...

Truly infuriating. My memories of coming here for meditation aside, this was a beautiful, classic piece of residential architecture that fit so naturally with its surroundings. What is with my hometown that it does not strive enough to preserve its past? I have historical photo essay books of Chicago, and I love looking at old photographs and the grand old architecture that is no more, oftentimes casualties of "modernization." That's why I love specimens like the Driehaus Museum, which is restored and preserved beautifully. I recall hearing that the Chicago Cultural Center was once a candidate for demolition. When you think of all of that spectacular architectural detail that lies within, you wonder how anyone could have justified tearing that down, and you are relieved that they never did. How can a great city discard its history?