Sunday, July 1, 2012

1 July 2012, Day 26

Scenes from Morse-pocalypse

Considering that the Morse Station was closed for construction only 36 hours ago, this job is going like gangbusters. Here are a few shots of Morse Avenue and the now-gutted station entrance. There's lots of noise and mayhem, and it's totally thrilling. Note how quickly--like a puppy or a small child--my attention has been deflected from melancholy nostalgia for the charming old station to an almost uncontrollable urge to plead with the guy operating the Bobcat to let me get behind the wheel and crash into a few things. 

Scroll down or click here to see what the station looked like two days ago.


Patrick Barry said...

Thanks for posting these great documentary photos, MsDemeanor. I especially like the information kiosk on its side and the shots showing the gutted interior.

Would love to see more in the future, and will link to them from

Ms. Demeanor said...

Thanks, Patrick. I posted a nice interior shot yesterday taken through the front window--it's very eerie looking in the station now!