Thursday, July 26, 2012

26 July 2012, Day 51, Pt. 1

I encountered quite a mixed bag of sights and experiences on my travels today. 
This first picture caught my eye because at first i couldn't see that something was written on the seat of these two fold-outs, and i thought, "Bed? Hmmm, i wonder if they've labelled all their furniture with red spray paint." Fortunately, i saw the full message before i got within ten feet of the things. Creepy-crawly, but very thoughtful of the people who put them out to make sure no one would take them home and regret it. I hope they've got the problem under control -- those little suckers are awful!

Next stop: Daley Plaza. I've been trying to limit myself to one farmers market a week, but when i've run out of both corn and peaches by Wednesday, there's no way i'm going to hold out until Sunday. This happy group of cloggers was performing in front of the Daley Center, dancing to "Rocky Top." Clogging seems to be a lot like tap-dancing, but with less awesome shoes.

Busker at the corner of Dearborn & Washington. She played nicely and her posture and outfit reminded me a little of the character Annie (Lucia Micarelli) in Tremé.

Onward to the new Target store in the Old Carson Pirie Scott building. I've been very curious/apprehensive about the fate of this beautiful Louis Sullivan building since Carson's closed. The good news is that the facade has been treated with tender loving care. The store's grand opening is 29 July, but their soft opening started yesterday, so i got to go in, check it out, buy a new notebook, and snap a few pictures. Other shots of both the interior and exterior are posted in Part 2 of today's blogpost. 

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