Thursday, May 28, 2015

28 May 2015: Daley Plaza Farmers Market

It was a beautiful day for the farmers market in Daley Plaza. 

Two representatives of the sheriff's office were on hand to discuss
some of the great programs in urban farming, the arts, and literacy
being offered to nonviolent offenders in the county justice system. 

27 May 2015: Night Moves

Oh the things you will see late at night in Rogers Park! 

The Red Eye Robot was looking especially patriotic last night

Late at night, when the people have all gone to their homes,
the streets of Rogers Park are taken over by bunnies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

26 May 2015: Spotted in Wilmette

I inadvertently took a trip to Wilmette yesterday because i was so wrapped up in playing a game of Words with Friends on my phone that i missed my stop on the L. I am not proud of this. But i did get to finally see the Linden Purple Line station for the first time and noticed this odd little figure hanging in the rafters. My first thought was that it was a forgotten Halloween decoration (note the resemblance to Count Chocula). But the more logical explanation is that it's supposed to look like an owl and is there to scare off the pigeons. I wonder how effective it is.

Count Chocula

Friday, May 22, 2015

22 May 2015: True Nature Foods Comes to the Heartland

The official ribbon cutting for True Nature Foods at the Heartland Cafe took place this evening. For those of us who have been going to the Heartland for a long time, the changes are pretty dramatic, but the space looks great and i wish both True Nature and the Heartland much success in their new partnership. 

When Whole Foods opened in the old Dominick's on Broadway, True Nature Foods decided to make their escape from Edgewater to the greener pastures of Rogers Park. They set up shop in what was formerly the main dining room of the Heartland. 

The bar area in the middle of the Heartland appears to have survived the renovations without any noticeable changes. 

The Heartland's new dining room is located where the gift shop used to be. Although i am now wondering where i will go if i ever need a Che Guevara teeshirt, it's a cozy and pleasant-looking space. 

Ald. Joe Moore was on hand for the ribbon cutting and Follow Me on Friday event.

The crowd gathered outside on this cool but beautiful May evening for the official ribbon cutting.

 Welcome to the neighborhood, 
True Nature Foods!

Friday, May 15, 2015

15 May 2015, Pt. 2: A Tale of Two Corners

Spring garden in bloom at Farwell & Greenview

Meanwhile, half a block away…
Despite the fact that the rest of Farwell has been repaved,
resodded, and generally beautified, the northwest corner
of Farwell and Glenwood has looked like this for at least
eight months.  I really hope it is repaired
before Arts Fest in August….

15 May 2015: Divvy in the 'Hood

A rack of Divvy bikes has arrived on Morse Ave. just east of the L station.
Time to get out there and start pedaling!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2 May 2015, Pt. 2: Things Are Looking Good in the 'Hood

What better way to celebrate the long-awaited return of good weather than with a little live jazz and a little something good to eat. Philly's Best and SP Kebab (at the corner of Sheridan & Pratt) are going to have live music every Saturday night. There was a jazz group playing tonight. I didn't catch their name but they were very good. Best of all, after years of disappointments, it feels like that corner is finally coming alive to the potential it's always had.  I noticed a sign saying that they are also going to have movie screenings on Wednesdays, so i'll definitely have to check that out as well. The only remaining question is whether to have a cheesesteak or a kebab, and that is not going to be an easy thing to decide.

2 May 2015: It's All in the Details

Prior to the opening of the new Whole Foods Market, i had only gotten off the L at Thorndale once or twice since this mosaic was installed, and that was in the middle of the frozen despair known as January, when i was in no mood to observe or appreciate much of anything beyond getting home as quickly as possible. So yesterday was the first time i really took notice of the new mosaics in the station. The title is "Thrive," and the artist is Jim Bachor. They are just beautiful! I'm going back to take more pictures of the other sections as soon as i can. 
Detail of mosaic at Thorndale Red Line Station

Friday, May 1, 2015

1 May 2015: Now Appearing Live at Whole Foods

I finally made it to the new Whole Foods Market in Edgewater today, where shoppers were treated to a performance by students from Senn High School. The store is donating 1% of today's net sales to the Senn Arts program. 
Students from Senn Arts performing at Whole Foods - Edgewater