Saturday, May 2, 2015

2 May 2015: It's All in the Details

Prior to the opening of the new Whole Foods Market, i had only gotten off the L at Thorndale once or twice since this mosaic was installed, and that was in the middle of the frozen despair known as January, when i was in no mood to observe or appreciate much of anything beyond getting home as quickly as possible. So yesterday was the first time i really took notice of the new mosaics in the station. The title is "Thrive," and the artist is Jim Bachor. They are just beautiful! I'm going back to take more pictures of the other sections as soon as i can. 
Detail of mosaic at Thorndale Red Line Station


Rebecca said...

Wow! That is wonderful. It's great to see investment in the Thorndale 'L stop and area. It needs some TLC, much like the Morse "L stop.

Jerri Walker said...

Wow, Yanne, this is just beautiful. Now let's see if I can actually post for the first time ever. I'll be so happy if I can. I never could before. xox