Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 July 2012, Day 40

Back to the Morse Avenue L stop for a few more pictures today. The first is a different perspective on the "dinosaur" seen peeking through the trees in yesterday's picture. The magic-hour lighting is kind of surprising since the camera was aimed almost directly into the brilliant early morning sun; i would have expected something a little more like the lens flares in Cool Hand Luke. But i really like the result, unintended though it was. One of these days, i'm going to take a photography course and/or get a more sophisticated camera.

The next picture is of the station exit on the south side of Morse. To the best of my recollection, it has been boarded up since i moved here twelve years ago. If, dear reader, you know more about when it closed, please leave a comment. 

I'm especially excited about this picture because getting it represented a little more of a challenge than most of my pictures: I even endured a very mild reprimand from one of the construction workers for sticking my head and camera through an opening between panels of the fabric-and-metal barrier screens. He caught me before i could take a picture, but it then occurred to me that i could hold the camera above the barrier, and voila! Here is the result. I've been dying to get a picture of this part of the construction site since the beginning of the project and can't believe it took me this long to figure out this simple solution.

One final note, when i say "mild reprimand" i mean it. In the fine old tradition of Bluebeard's eighth wife, i just had to see what was inside the forbidden room; the guy was right to tell me to that i couldn't go past the barrier, and he wasn't loud or rude about it. The crew from Kiewit Corp. working on this project have to be among the nicest construction workers in the world. They've been making great progress under some very difficult weather conditions, yet they always seem to make the extra effort to be courteous and friendly to the people in the neighborhood. This is a big project, causing a lot of disruption to business-as-usual in the area, but the professionalism and cheerfulness of the workers on the job make it a little easier to take. 

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