Sunday, July 8, 2012

8 July 2012, Day 33

When i was little, my Uncle Pierce would take my brother and i down by the tracks on American Street in North Philly, and we'd wave to the engineers as the slow freight trains lumbered past, just hoping they would see us and wave back or blow the train whistle. I don't know why this activity is so universally appealing to children; maybe it's just the thrill of being acknowledged by something so big and so loud as a train or an 18-wheeler on the highway that makes a child feel less small and unnoticed in the world. In truth, i guess i've never outgrown that feeling because today i was absolutely beside myself with glee when the driver of this big construction crane on the Morse viaduct smiled and waved when he saw me taking his picture. How cool is that?!?

 Here's what he was driving:

Most of my pictures have been taken from Morse Avenue so today i decided to get a fresh perspective on the construction project. When i'd finished my shopping at the Glenwood Sunday Market, i turned up Lunt to get a few shots of that end of the station. Please note that these pictures were taken while balancing a baguette and a bag of blueberries (I like that alliteration; maybe i should quit Poets Anonymous and try to do something with that line). 

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