Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11 July 2012, Day 36

Today, i'm going to go easy on the commentary and just leave you with a random collection of images observed on Glenwood Ave. and Clark St. in Rogers Park this afternoon. 

These first two pictures were taken outside the B1E Gallery and its neighboring sculpture garden on Glenwood between Farwell and Morse.

The remaining pictures were taken on Clark Street. I've arranged them in order from south to north.
Old-school "do not enter" sign at Lunt & Clark.
I like the name of this storefront church at 7058 N. Clark St: Garden of Life Ministries Intl., aka Church of Fire
The next two pictures tell a sad story. They were taken at the empty space that once was home to the Adelphi/North Shore Theater. The theater, which was built in 1917, was the go-to spot for Bollywood films in the 1990s; unfortunately, it was sold in 2002 and demolished in 2006 by a developer who subsequently went broke, leaving this dismal sight behind. The theater was still operating when i first moved to Rogers Park, and i always planned on going to a movie there some night. But i procrastinated and procrastinated, until one day i walked past and the theater was no longer open. 

If you've got a million or two burning a hole in your pocket, the property will go up for auction in early August.  

A forlorn sight at Clark & Estes

The larger view of the lot at Clark & Estes

East side of Clark between Estes & Touhy

Produce truck, parked on the west side of Clark near Chase

Fire station at 7340 N. Clark

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