Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 February 2014: The Day I Lost All Patience...

… with snow, with ice, and with the interminable construction in the neighborhood. Farwell Ave. at Glenwood was a dead end in both directions this morning.
Looking west

Looking east

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Rebecca said...

I am so sick of this construction, too! Between Peoples Gas tearing up all the lawns replacing pipes, the substation, and the rebuilding of the semi-detached which caught on fire (though construction on that has subsided somewhat), it's too much. When all this snow melts, it will be one muddy mess.

I agree with you on the monster pick-up truck. It's ridiculous to have a truck that size -- especially in the city. I hope that the parking of such a heavy truck won't damage the sidewalks. I doubt that the walks were designed to withstand the weight of trucks constantly parked on top of it.