Saturday, May 24, 2014

24 May 2014: Winter Is Officially Laid to Rest; Let the Summer Begin!

In a great leap of faith, i have finally decided to take a chance that winter really is over.
And so, after years of faithful service, these fine boots have been laid to rest (unless someone
comes across them and thinks they can squeeze another winter out of them). They were never
my style: I thought they were really ugly, but i was too lazy to return them, so i would wear
them on those few terrible days each winter--until this year, when i needed to wear them day
after day, week after week. They may not have been beautiful, but they were warm and surprisingly
good for walking on ice. If the lining hadn't started to shred from the constant wear this winter,
i would have kept them another year. 

The Bullhead Cantina is confronting passersby with a big decision. Which way will you turn?

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