Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014: What a Shame!

The former Chase bank at 1425 W. Morse Ave.
I usually try to keep things positive and focus on the good things in Rogers Park whenever possible, but this is a disgrace! The Chase bank closed less than two weeks ago, but already the property looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare. There are still two active businesses at this location--a laundromat and a Family Dollar--so why isn't the property owner even bothering to empty the trash? 
Given the larger problems in the neighborhood--including yet another gunfight just around the corner from this location in the middle of the day today--this may seem like a minor problem, but it makes this commercial stretch look abandoned and dangerous. This is definitely not what we need if we are going to keep our community vibrant and welcoming. 


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

That landlord is a joke. Won't lift a finger to pick it up. Let it rot.

Maybe someday someone who can actually handle the responsibility of being a landlord will buy the property from this jacka$$.

Rebecca said...

I completely agree. It angered me when I saw that mess, That whole building looks as if it has seen better days. There are many positives happening. in this neighborhood, this mess is bringing it down.

As long as we talking about trash and litter, the semi-detached home for sale on Farwell and Greenview, where the shooting happened the other day, is looking trashy. I try to pick-up the litter along the parkway, but since the yard is private property, I leave the yard alone. I don't want to be accused of trespassing. The owner or real estate agent needs to do a better job keeping up with the yard work. No one will want to pay the asking price of $450,000 for such a crappy yard. Actually, no one will want to pay nearly a half million for a house where a recent shooting occurred right outside it either, but a cleaned-up yard is an easy fix. Controlling the violence is a little harder.

Rebecca said...

I also wanted to add that the owners of the other half of the semi-detached do a fabulous job of keeping the outside of their house nice. I was only complaining about the side for sale.