Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6 January 2015: Lost Dog

UPDATE: 8:00PM. Jeremiah has been found! What a resilient little critter! 

Rather than post another photograph of snow, here is something more important. This poor little guy has been on his own for two days now in this brutally cold weather. Jeremiah is a foster pup who slipped his leash on Sunday morning and ran off. He is apparently very shy, so do not call to him or try to catch him. Instead, you should text 734.347.1552 and also post the location on One Tail at a Time's Facebook page. Several people have reported seeing him on Tuesday morning in an area ranging from the 7-11 at Pratt and Glenwood to Estes and Ridge. 
It really breaks my heart to think of this poor puppy out in the cold all this time. I thought that i could keep an eye out for him while i was walking my dog this morning, but it is so painfully cold out that my dog refused to stay out for more than the minute or two required for her morning business--and she was wearing a good heavy coat and boots. I can't imagine how cold Jeremiah must be. After i took my dog home, i took a walk around the vicinity of the 7-11, focusing on a few of the alleys, but didn't see him. 

Please share this information as widely as possible. If you are in the neighborhood, print out a few copies of the flyer below and post them where people will see them. Let's get this little boy back where he'll be safe and warm! 

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