Sunday, March 15, 2015

15 March 2015: The Spirit of the Viaduct

Up until last night, i'd assumed that the reason the Red Line viaduct at Farwell Ave. is falling apart is because of the general collapse of the American infrastructure. So it was a great relief to discover a much more mythically awesome explanation. As this picture reveals, there is a guardian spirit living within the viaduct who just wants to break free and check out what's happening in Rogers Park. Some might question if this spirit is in fact a troll, what with the whole living under a bridge thing and all. But i feel relatively certain that this is not the case. Rogers Park has many, many trolls (If you doubt me, just check EveryBlock), but none of them have the placid and benign demeanor of this entity. 

For the sake of reference, here is a wider view of the crumbly bit of viaduct 
where the mystical being appeared.

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