Saturday, April 11, 2015

11 April 2015: Tax Time

I took a little trip over to Lincoln Square today. As i was strolling up Western towards Lawrence, i saw a guy dressed as the Statue of Liberty. His shoulders were slumped, his head was bowed, and i could almost hear him asking himself how he ever ended up standing on a street corner in pseudo-patriotic drag, advertising a tax service. As someone who has had her share of bumps and unexpected u-turns in life, my heart kind of ached for the guy.  But then i crossed the street and saw his counterpart, the man pictured here. He was prancing and kicking and playing that fake guitar for all he was worth (He even threw in a few Pete-Townsendesque windmills for my benefit). It was a good reminder that you ought to make the most of what you've got. And if all life hands you is a crappy job, then turn it into some memorable street theater.

Oh, and don't forget to pay your taxes.

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