Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August 2012, Day 84

Greetings from the Cathedral of Crumbling Infrastructure

Just in case you thought i was going soft in choosing to post the "pretty" rather than the "ugly" picture yesterday, today i thought i'd opt for something that i find really beautiful in its ugliness. This is the viaduct where the Red Line crosses Sheridan Rd. just before the turn at Devon. It's one of the most dangerously deteriorated sections of the L on the north side, with a sort of latticework of crisscrossing steel beams added a few years ago to ward off disaster until more permanent and extensive repairs can be done. It's languished in this cobbled-together state for too long, and i sincerely hope that it gets repaired soon, but in the meantime i find the interplay of angles and arches really lovely.

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