Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 November 2012, Day 166

Another segment of the Mile of Murals, this one on the west side of the L tracks, on Glenwood between Lunt and Greenleaf. This mural is noteworthy for anyone interested in American politics these days. Not only is it a portrait of our 44th president, but it contains two valuable pieces of information. First, directly across the street from this mural is the Heartland Café, where Barack Obama began his campaign for the United States Senate in 2005. And secondly, for those of you who are so indoctrinated by Fox News that you think President Obama is a socialist, please observe the carefully positioned traffic sign indicating "no left turn." As the more progressive among the electorate have learned to our chagrin, Mr. Obama adhered to this policy throughout his first term and doesn't show much indication of doing otherwise in his second, making the socialist label quite puzzling. Don't get me wrong, i like and support the president, but i also hope to live to see the day when "Left" means something more than "not quite as far to the right as the Right."

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