Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20 November 2012, Day 168

I'm putting in a plug for one of my favorite local businesses today. This peaceful little oasis at the corner of Sheridan and Pratt is Royal Coffee, home of what i consider to be the best coffee beans in town. They serve food here too, both American and Ethiopian, but for me it's all about the beans: high quality Ethiopian coffee beans, roasted in small batches, and sold for a few dollars less per pound than the high-end roasters. It's a nice little mom-and-pop business, where the owners are so warm and hospitable that i always feel like a member of the family when i walk through the door.  There are several good cafés on this stretch of Sheridan Road, and i honestly try to spread my caffeine-spending among them, but when it comes to beans, this is the place!

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