Friday, February 15, 2013

15 February 2013, Day 255

I ventured to the other side of Devon Avenue today on a mission to get hot cross buns from the Swedish Bakery in Andersonville. As usual, my self-control did not accompany me through the door of that temple to temptation, and i left with a diet-busting array of baked goods. 

Andersonville is a lovely neighborhood with so many beautiful houses, but this one on Berwyn Avenue is without equal. 

This is another of my favorite spots in Andersonville: Gordono's Parmacy/J.B.'s Deli. The combination of a drugstore and Jewish deli sharing a small storefront is in itself pretty unique, but it's also one of the few places in Chicago that sells bagels worthy of the name. Oh yeah, and then there is this pressed-tin ceiling and these beautiful vintage light fixtures. 

And finally, one of the greatest neon signs anywhere. I wonder if the handless clock with the missing 8-o'clock mark is a nod to the notion of immortality or just a symptom of disrepair.

*** UPDATE 02/16/13 ***
I just came across this story about the ornate house at 1430 W. Berwyn pictured above, with a link to pictures of the even more ornate interior. I've always been curious about the house, and this brief account of its history (complete with a multitude of scathing comments about the recently departed owner) does not disappoint.

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