Monday, May 20, 2013

20 May 2013, Day 349

Lilac bush on Farwell just west of Sheridan Rd.
My first spring in Chicago, i was overwhelmed by the number of lilac bushes blooming in all their fragrant glory. I'd never seen so many! I'm not sure if it's a Rogers Park thing or a Chicago thing (or, for that matter, a midwestern thing), but i definitely approve. I spent my formative years in an extremely urban setting, the kind of place where a dandelion forcing it's way up through a crack in the concrete sidewalk was cause for romantic rhapsodies about the beauties of nature. I only knew that lilacs existed from reading The Mystery of Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew #4). Now, every spring i revel in them, pausing to breathe deeply each time i pass one. 

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