Friday, May 31, 2013

31 May 2013, Day 360 -- The Wall

This Father's Day weekend, we'll celebrate the twentieth annual Artist of the Wall festival along the lakefront in Rogers Park. In preparation, the entire length of the wall has been whitewashed, with the sad exception of one small section, painted last year by a young man named Terrence, who died a victim of gun violence since painting his section of the wall last June. 
For more information on the festival click HERE.

POSTSCRIPT: The Artist of the Wall festival is something that i look forward to every year, and some of the earliest posts on the Photo du Jour show last year's preparations and the festival itself. My original plan was to try to maintain this blog for one year, posting at least one picture a day; at this point i am just five days short of reaching that goal. I've decided to continue the blog through the upcoming Festival of the Wall before putting it on hiatus while i decide how or if i should continue it in some other fashion. To be honest, i've surprised myself by keeping it going this long, and am amazed at how rarely i've had to resort to posting pictures of my dog, my cat, or my tschotskes; but there are days when i realize that i've taken pictures that are almost exactly the same as ones that i've posted in the past: it's surprising how small my area of operations tends to be. So rather than get stale or repetitive, i'll be taking a break in the middle of June.

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