Wednesday, July 10, 2013

18 June - 10 July 2013, Retrospective

One of the reasons i decided to take a break from this blog was that i was starting to have a little difficulty finding interesting subjects every single day. So of course, i began to see irresistible sights within hours of my last post. When i spotted the 10,000 Ripples sculpture at Morse and the lakefront, i took the picture just to add to my collection (every time i encounter one of these lovely Buddhas i photograph it). But then the next day -- the first official day of my cyber-sabbatical -- i saw a guy and his dog riding a bike on Morse Ave. and couldn't resist asking if i might take their picture. Since then, i've continued to snap away, missing only a few days; here are the results:

17 June: Morse and the lakefront
18 June: How could i resist taking a picture of this cute pup catching a ride outside MorseL?
18 June: House in bloom on Pratt Blvd.
19 June: Chestnut tree in bloom on Greenview Ave. near the Common Cup
20 June: Classic ride in a body shop on Broadway north of Granville
21 June, morning: a better view of the chestnut trees on Greenview at Farwell in full bloom.
21 June afternoon: After a brief but powerful storm blew through,
the ground was covered with chestnut blossoms.
21 June, evening: Follow Me on Fridays
Alderman Joe Moore (in the bright turquoise shirt) at the Bop N Grill
where they were serving free sample-size umami burgers -- yum!
22 June: Super-moon over Lake Michigan
24 June: Weathervane in Rogers Park
25 June: Chinatown, Philadelphia
26 June: The house where my sister and her husband raised nine children.
 I spent many Christmas mornings in this kitchen, but now it's waiting 
for a new family to move in and create their own traditions.
28 June: Pastore's Orchards in Hammonton, NJ.
One of my favorite fresh-from-the-farm produce markets.
29 June: Atlantic City in all its glory, viewed from Absecon Inlet.
The poor little lighthouse is dwarfed by all the hotels and casinos.
30 June: the north end of Brigantine Island, NJ.
If it weren't for the diabolical green-head flies, this would be heaven on earth.
1 July: Pies from Penza's Pies at the Red Barn deep in the Jersey Pine Barrens
1 July: Mighty Joe's gas station in Shamong, NJ.
We didn't run into the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens,
but we did encounter the rudest gas station operator ever.
3 July: Old City, Philadelphia
4 July: Lancaster County, PA.
What? You were expecting a picture of flags and fireworks or something?
6 July: Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
6 July: Rodin Museum. These two young students were sketching and giggling at Rodin's "Call to Arms."
Their irreverence was refreshing.
8 July: Harpers Ferry, WV as seen through the window of Amtrak's Capitol Limited.
9 July: Soldier sleeping on the floor of the lounge car on the Capitol Limited.
10 July: Segway tour group at the base of the statue of Abraham Lincoln
at the south end of Lincoln Park, Chicago.


Bill Morton said...

Very nice photos!

How is that work on the CTA coming along?

I appreciate your perspective on Rogers Park.

Ms. Demeanor said...

Thanks, Bill. I posted an update on the substation on my other blog yesterday:
At this point they are spraying the steel panels/retaining wall with protective paint. It's extremely noisy work.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

You should take more time off! Nice way to get up caught up! I like the new format too!

That gorilla gas station is awesome.