Friday, September 20, 2013

20 September 2013: The Lights Are on but Nobody's Home

Inside the former Morseland, which was shut down last December, 
apparently over a big mess of unpaid taxes. There's a large sign in the window 
advertising a foreclosure sale, but it's been there for months. 
I hope it doesn't end up like the creepy former laundromat
on the next block down that sat untouched for years and years 
(I always thought of it as "the laundromat of the dead").
I hate to see an empty pool table in an empty room like this. 
In my mind i can hear that sweet CRACK as the cue ball hits its target, 
and i'm half-tempted to break in and brush up on my game. 
But, of course, being a law-abiding citizen 
and a confirmed coward, i'd never actually do that. 
But a girl can dream....

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