Monday, December 16, 2013

16 December 2013: "Building a New Chicago"

After days of posting pretty pictures of fluffy snow, it's time for a view of the less scenic aspects of a snowy December day in Chicago. As if one major construction project wasn't enough, a second job is also underway on Farwell, replacing the old gaslines. The machine in the midsection of the picture is scoring the pavement in preparation for digging a trench for the pipeline. 

A simple walk to the dumpster this morning made me feel like a character in a video game: trying to maintain my balance on an icy sidewalk, dodging a forklift carrying a heavy steel plate, avoiding the river of mud created by the machine in the picture (without taking a dive on the aforementioned ice), and hauling a bag of garbage in one hand while the other hand was clutching the leash of a frisky little dog who is not overly fond of loud machinery. 

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