Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 March 2014: A Familiar Scene

In the movie Smoke (1995), Harvey Keitel plays Auggie Wren, proprietor of a small Brooklyn tobacco shop. Every morning at 8AM, as he prepares to open the shop, he takes a Polaroid picture of the street corner outside his door. The view from the Red Line platform at Morse is my version of Auggie Wren's Brooklyn intersection. I'm not there every day, but i'm there an awful lot. In some ways, there's a comfortable familiarity to this view, seeming to remain the same day after day, but in others--just like on Auggie's corner--the little changes mark the turn of the clock, the turn of the seasons. This winter seems like it will never end. But eventually it will, and the snow will melt and the poor scraggly trees will be green again…and i'll be there to take a picture of it.

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