Friday, April 19, 2013

19 April 2013, Day 318

I began this blog in June of last year, with the goal of taking at least one picture a day for a full year. I did this as an exercise in both self-discipline and mindfulness. I confess that by nature i am inclined towards passionate but short-lived enthusiasms and wanted to try to commit to a daily practice for an extended period. 

The most satisfying part of this experiment thus far has been the way that it has made me more conscious and mindful of the beautiful, comical, incongruous, and occasionally terrible things that we pass by every day. But there are gray days like today when i feel utterly uninspired, when i feel like there is nothing new to be seen in my neighborhood, and when i don't have the energy or obligation to go farther afield. And then it happens, as it always seems to do, something magical shows up just begging to be the subject of the photo du jour. In this case it was a discarded Valentine, a little purple velvet pillow surrounded by a leopard-print ruffle.  


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Glad you found something nice to photograph. I know the feeling Ms. Demeanor.

Somedays present more interesting things to photograph than others. There is usually something pretty cool to photograph here, unexpectedly.

Keep up the good work.

Ms. Demeanor said...

Thanks! If the weather ever gets nicer i'll at least feel more motivated to walk to the beach. There's always something to photograph there.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes that's true Ms. Demeanor. Its fun going to the beach when its not perfect weather though, you can see pretty weird stuff then.