Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23 April 2013, Day 322

I really dislike this new trend in advertising on the L. The interior of the car is completely encased in a theme; in this case, as a promotion for Florida tourism, it's supposed to look like the Everglades. But i've been to the Everglades and it didn't make me feel like i was trapped inside some carnivorous form of plant life like this does. I think that i just happened to catch the guy in the hoodie at the end of a yawn, but he looks terrified, which is how this claustrophobic mess made me feel. 


Rebecca said...

I haven't riden in a car wrapped in advertising like the Florida campaign shown in your photo, yet. I hate the trains wrapped with advertising on the outside and cover the windows. It makes me claustrophobic. So, I can imagine inside wrapping is claustrophobic-inducing too. Let's hope the CTA doesn't get any bright ideas like wrapping the inside and outside of the car with advertising. Add in a train continuously stuck at the slow zone speed and it may be enough to make me crazy.

Ms. Demeanor said...

I agree, Rebecca. I love looking out the window as i'm riding through the city, and i hate how the advertising on the outside of the cars obscures the view.