Friday, June 14, 2013

14 June 2013, Prairie Style

I love this old prairie-style station house, with its wide overhanging eaves.
It has been repurposed as a Starbucks.

I hopped on the Skokie Swift today and ventured out to the 'burbs in search of the perfect bagel, which i may have found at Kaufman's (although i've been advised that i should also try New York Bagels on Touhy). 

Kaufman's, where diets go to die a happy death.


Locotillo Happenstance said...

I love this Starbucks! I used to wait here after taking the Skokie Swift to Dempster Avenue to meet a friend and go to the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Kaufman's is THE BEST!! They have the best bread, especially onion rolls, and the best corned beef, period. My family used to buy from them all the time, especially for many large family gatherings.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

Ms. Demeanor said...

This was my first visit to Kaufman's. I heard about them a while ago, but then they were closed for a long time after the fire. I think i'm going to have to add it to my rotation of awesome places to buy food. I didn't get the corned beef today, but they were slicing some for another customer and it smelled delicious -- next time.