Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 June 2013, Pt. 2, Day 362 -- Big Changes!

A gut rehab is underway on the residential building on the northwest corner of Sheridan and Farwell [corrected address]. This building has ranked very high on my if-i-won-the-lottery wishlist for years. It has beautiful bones but has been the victim of neglect for a very long time. A construction canopy over the sidewalk on the Farwell side has been up for months, and i'd really begun to think it had been abandoned, like the building itself. 
It is always gratifying to see these beautiful old Rogers Park residences restored rather than torn down and replaced with something cheap and generic. On that note, please watch for my next post later today regarding the attempt to stop the demolition of the Shambala Center at Sheridan and Sherwin Rds.

Hole in the floor of the second floor porch

I took the picture below on 4 May. It shows the remains of the thick vines that covered the building as well as a deep layer of dead leaves caught between the window panes. 

And finally, this last picture was posted here on 17 November. 

I look forward to seeing the restoration of this lovely old house.

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