Saturday, June 28, 2014

28 June 2014, Pt. 2: Thumbs Up for Twisted Tapas

I don't usually post reviews or recommendations here, but when i encounter something wonderful right here in Rogers Park, i like to help spread the word. I've been wanting to eat at Twisted Tapas since they opened, and finally made it there last night. The service was prompt, helpful, and friendly; the prices are very affordable; and the food? Oh, such food! We had about ten different things and they were all delicious. And if last night's experience wasn't good enough, i walked past there this evening with my little dog, who proceeded to dance outside the windows on her hind legs to see what was going on inside, and the manager, Jill, came outside and gave the little show-off a biscuit. If i hadn't already fallen in love with the place, that would had sealed the deal!

I've always liked the look of this place, with its big windows opening onto the beach block of Pratt, and i've thought it was a shame that the previous tenants seemed to come and go. But this time, we definitely have a winner, and i hope they will be part of the Rogers Park scene for many years to come. 

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