Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 June 2014: Hard time

I posted pictures of some Chicago architectural classics from the Library/State & Van Buren L platform a few days ago. What i didn't post was the view in the opposite direction, an equally interesting but much gloomier example of Chicago architecture, the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a 27-story, triangular-shaped federal prison in the heart of the Chicago Loop. So today, when i was walking along Dearborn on my way back from the Printers Row Lit Fest, i paused for a few moments to look at it and snap a few pictures. There is an exercise yard on the prison roof, and two inmates can be seen looking out on the busy city below. 
In December, 2012, two inmates actually succeeded in escaping from the 17th floor of the MCC using the time-honored technique of making a rope out of bed sheets and dental floss. They were both apprehended--one two days later and the other the following week--but it remains one of the most amazing prison breaks i've ever heard of.   

On the left, the faceless statue of Ceres atop
 the Chicago Board of Trade; on the right,
the Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

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