Wednesday, June 4, 2014

4 June 2014: This Philly Girl Anxiously Awaits the Opening of Philly's Best

I was delighted to read in DNA Info a few days ago that Philly's Best will be opening at the corner of Pratt & Sheridan. I was even more delighted when i passed there this evening and saw this sign in the window and a couple of people inside looking like they were doing some serious planning. Hooray, and welcome to the RP, homies! It's been sad to see this location sitting empty after the closing of Ciao Bella (and Pillars before it). 
I'm not a big sports bar person, but i am a Philly girl and a cheesesteak snob, and i can tell you this: Philly's Best's other locations are the only place in Chicago where i would even consider getting a cheesesteak (Of course, those wicked little cheesesteak eggrolls at BopNGrill are delicious too, but they really have very little in common with actual Philly cheesesteaks beyond the presence of beef and cheese). I don't know if they'll be doing the cheesesteaks at the new place, but i know that whatever they do will be a nice taste of home. And now because it's very late at night, i'm going to say my prayers and go to bed: 
"Dear god, thank you for bringing Philly's Best to the neighborhood. Please let there be cheesesteaks, and crab fries ala Chickie & Pete's, and maybe some good East Coast pizza. Dear god, let there be soft pretzels and TastyKakes! Amen."

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