Thursday, October 25, 2012

25 October 2012, Day 142

This wall, which stretches beside the Red Line tracks between Pratt and Farwell, is admittedly not beautiful. In fact, i was delighted to hear that a mural would be painted on it next year. I was less delighted to learn that instead of getting a mural, the wall will be replaced by a three-story substation. So goodbye, ugly wall with a lot of character! Goodbye, scraggly trees that i've watched go through their annual cycle for lo these many years! Goodbye, view of the trains, afternoon sun, and unobstructed breezes!

The project will take over a year to complete, and in response to my question, i received this unwelcome news from my alderman: "The CTA tells me there will be loud 24-hour construction for major component installation only, i.e. sheet piling, excavations, etc." So i guess there's one more goodbye to be said: Goodbye, sleep!

Don't get me wrong: i'm not opposed to progress or to repairing our crumbling infrastructure. This cobbled-together truss work is at the other end of the block and is a good illustration of how desperately repairs are needed along the Red Line. It makes me just a wee bit queasy to think about the fact that i roll across this precarious mess every morning. 

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