Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 October 2012, Day 145

I'm going to cheat just a little bit today. I'm so scrupulous about sticking to the rules of taking and posting a picture every day, that this morning i took a few pictures of the Buddha head on Morse Avenue just west of Glenwood, even though i took several yesterday and probably could have snuck them in here with no one the wiser but me. But that's not how Ms. Demeanor rolls! 

Unfortunately, the dog was even friskier than usual after an exciting visit to the Glenwood Sunday Market, and was tugging at her leash too insistently for me to get any very good pictures. So i decided to compromise, giving you the best of this morning's few pictures along with a better one from yesterday that shows the sculpture in the context of its surroundings. The Buddha is one of 100 placed throughout the city as part of the Ten Thousand Ripples project (click on the link and watch the video for more information about the project as well as some great shots of my beloved Rogers Park). I'm going to try to track down more of them and if i do, rest assured, you will see them here. Wishing a happy, peaceful Sunday to you all.

Close up of the Buddha head, taken Sunday morning, 28 October 2012.
Buddha head on Morse Avenue, taken Saturday afternoon, 27 October 2012.

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