Monday, October 29, 2012

29 October 2012, Day 146

I think we have a slight case of hurricane envy. It was a pretty dramatic day on the beach--with powerful winds and whitecaps--but i'm not convinced that it required a news van.Tomorrow will be a different story, with predictions of gale-force winds and waves up to twenty feet high. I'll see how close i can get tomorrow and try to get more pictures (though probably leaving the tiny dog at home for her own safety). The most interesting thing for me was seeing that we appear to be exactly at the edge of Hurricane Sandy's reach. Here, looking east, the sky is cloudy. But just a few minutes later, the sun dropped past the edge of the clouds and lit up the western sky in one of the most spectacular sunsets i've ever witnessed. That slim strip of pale sky in the last two pictures is, i believe, Sandy's edge.

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