Saturday, June 16, 2012

16 June 2012, Day 11, Pt.2

This picture was taken from the same spot as the one that i posted on 13 June. What a difference a few days and a well-organized community festival can make! The Artist of the Wall Festival got underway this morning, and as you can see, people are having a good time transforming the wall for another year. I'm planning to take more pictures tomorrow afternoon when the painting is completed.

An odd little side note: Holy Wall-scrawler, Batman! Apparently, much as nature abhors a vacuum, the Almighty abhors a blank wall and sees it as an opportunity to reach out and save our wayward souls. Sometime between the whitewashing of the wall earlier this week and the beginning of the festival today, messages like this one were written on several sections of the wall. According to the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, this is not the first time God has turned graffitist, but i think She must have had better materials than this crayon to work with back in the day. Mene, Mene, indeed!

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