Saturday, June 9, 2012

Archive: 6-8 June 2012

I had the brilliant idea a few days ago to try taking a picture a day as a kind of visual diary. The date i started was not significant; in fact, i was remarkably ill-equipped to start when i did since my only camera (a sad little Pentax point-and-click) had recently died a slow and lingering death and i hadn't yet replaced it. So these first several images are taken on my equally sad little phone that i am trying to hang onto for a few more months until i'm eligible for a much-needed upgrade. Originally, i posted the first few pictures on Facebook before deciding that this was the better venue. So here are the first three days in what promises to be a very random collection of images.

6 June 2012, Day 1: Back-porch garden. My annual efforts at growing things are rarely successful. It's not a beautiful garden, and i'll be lucky if i get one tomato out of it all season, but the pleasure is all in the doing. 

7 June 2012, Day 2: Decorative pillars outside of Hayt Elementary School at 1518 W. Granville in Chicago. I've always been a walker, an explorer on foot, and am constantly amazed to discover something new in a neighborhood i thought i knew well. These mosaic pillars are so colorful and fanciful, coming across them was a nice surprise.

8 June, 2012, Day 3: A bad picture of a beautiful moment. This was the the kind of scene that is so magical that it can transform the whole day. Waiting for the Red Line at Jackson, a busker was singing, all beautiful and bluesy. The woman wearing the replica of a $100 bill is another busker, a good singer with a flair for the flamboyant (she also had miniature copies of US currency stapled all over her clothes). She was appreciative of the other woman's singing, sometimes calling out encouragement, sometimes singing along for a few bars. The older woman in the aqua outfit came along and applauded enthusiastically, then said to the younger woman, "Let's dance!" It was like those scenes in musicals where everyone bursts into a song-and-dance routine and you say, "Right! Like that ever happens in real life!" Then it did.

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