Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 June 2012, Day 19, Pt. 2

I knew that i was taking a chance when i posted the photo(s) du jour before it was even noon. But since i'd decided to hang around the house rather than go to the Pride Parade, i assumed that the rest of the day would be less than remarkable. Then i discovered that the Hare Krishnas were having a big parade and festival in my neighborhood, so of course i had to grab my little camera and go. It was very cool. I even ran into one of my students there and met his mother. The huge canopy seen in the first picture was ingeniously designed to collapse easily to get under the street signs (picture 2). I was given a banana (picture 4) and could have partaken of the free feast, but was feeling a little too carnivorous so i came home for a late lunch.

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