Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 September 2012, Day 107

I was running around all day, getting food from Trader Joe's and puppy supplies at Petco. Then i came home and did laundry and puppy-proofed the kitchen, moving all the cleaning supplies from under the sink to over it. All of this in addition to grading a pile of papers. I had my camera with me all day but nothing caught my eye. So here instead is a picture of the wall next to my desk, my favorite wall. Everything on it is meaningful to me either because it was a gift or because i got it for myself under memorable circumstances. The clay mask is the latest addition: a gift from a former student who just returned from a semester in Chile. It's certainly not the most artistic picture i've ever taken, but when you look at it, it will be almost like we are sitting here together. 

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