Saturday, September 29, 2012

29 September 2012, Day 116, Pt. 1

The view from the bus stop at Michigan and Balbo

The view to the south

The view to the north
My trip to Hyde Park took much longer than anticipated. There was a longish wait for the #6 bus, which was so packed to the gills with riders when it finally arrived that it didn't even stop. Then there was another 10 or 15 minute wait until the next bus came. Fortunately, i was waiting at Michigan and Balbo, overlooking Grant Park, one of Chicago's most beautiful intersections. It is, of course, impossible to stand on Balbo Drive and not ponder why in hell it retains the name of an especially brutal figure in Mussolini's fascist regime, but that is a mystery to be contemplated on another day; for today i'll just enjoy the view. 

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