Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 September 2012, Day 92

As this blog approaches it's 100th day and as i readjust to the demands of the academic year, i've found myself running on fumes, feeling a little less inspired and observant. On my way home this evening, i suddenly realized that i hadn't taken a single picture all day. Fortunately, the gorgeous Aragon Ballroom saw fit to suddenly appear out the window as the L was stopped at the Lawrence Ave. station. Well, quite honestly, it wasn't all that sudden or surprising, given that the Aragon has stood at that location for the past 86 years, but it's always deserving of another look, another picture. 
I honestly never tire of staring out the window as the Red Line chugs along on its way downtown and back. I'm a creature of habit, and whenever possible, i sit on the righthand side of the car. So on the way into town i look out the window towards the west, always making a point of looking at Graceland Cemetery, Wrigley Field, and Wiggly Field (the dog park). On the way back, it's the St. Vincent mural and playing fields of de Paul University, the Aragon, the pink Edgewater Beach Apartments, and the first silvery glimpse of the lake. And always, there is the ever-changing sky. 

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