Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012, Day 111

From the sublime to the ridiculous. 

As you might have noticed, i tend to obsess over the small sector of my commute that involves getting from the Red Line to the Blue. I am truly embarrassed to confess that with all my bitching about the dismal Jackson Street tunnel, it never occurs to me that i could just as easily ascend to street level and walk a block in the sunshine and fresh air. Thank goodness, i finally came to my senses. My reward was this view of one of the gargoyles on the Harold Washington Library and the turreted corner of the Old Colony Building. 

I had no intention of posting any additional pictures, but then while the pup and i were out for our evening walk, i came across poor Pee-wee Herman tied to a scrap-metal truck and looking woeful.

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